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From the birth of our family’s heritage in 1795, to the Battle of Puebla and the original
Cinco de Mayo in 1862.  Through 13 years of American prohibition, and the invention of the
very first Margarita.  For more than two centuries, Jose Cuervo® has been a part of history.
For 219 years, the Cuervo family has handcrafted Jose Cuervo Tradicional®.
The original tequila story is Jose Cuervo’s. Yes he, Jose, was an actual person. A citizen of New Spain who started distilling tequila before Mexico was even called Mexico. Since then, his recipes and processes have been passed down and upheld by ten generations of entrepreneurs, inventors, risk-takers and even a twice-widowed woman capable of running the most successful tequila distillery in early twentieth century Mexico.

When you pick up our product, we expect you to do it some justice.