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Just like Champagne can only be made in France, or Scotch can only be made in Scotland, as of this year, in order for a spirit to be called “tequila” it has to be made in certain parts of Mexico. And of course, for a tequila to be called “the original,” it has to be made by Jose Cuervo®.


Jose Cuervo® Especial

Jose Cuervo® Tequila is the premium white tequila and has been since the first day it was made in 1795.
Jose Cuervo® Especial is the gold standard of tequila. Versatile, adaptable, with a taste beyond compare.

Jose Cuervo® Barranqueño

Jose Cuervo® Almendrado

Jose Cuervo® Barranqueño is a “reposado” tequila, meaning it has been aged for two months in oak barrels. This style is very popular in Mexico.*
Jose Cuervo® Almendrado is an almond flavored tequila, inspired by a Mexican tradition. South of the border, bars serve almonds with tequila to keep things level. People developed a taste for the combination so much, Jose Cuervo® developed a new tequila.*
*Product only available this year, 1974.